Reach Matters.

Introducing The Next Generation STANLEY® FATMAX® Tape Measure Range.

  • Next generation STANLEY® FATMAX® tape measure line-up delivers exceptional reach of 4.9m for confident measuring at a distance even when working alone
  • Double-sided print allows tricky or overhead measurements to be completed with ease
  • Ergonomic, bi-material casing provides outstanding grip and comfort in use
  • Flat base enables improved stability on work surfaces
  • Patented Twin-Core™ technology ensures compact, space-saving design
  • Multi-Catch hook affords increased contact surface and grip; TRU-ZERO™ feature ensures precise inner and outer measurements
  • Outstanding blade resilience thanks to abrasion-resistant layer plus 20cm BladeArmor® coating to reinforce the hook end against kinks and tears
  • Available in a range of lengths: 5m, 8m and 10m; plus options with dual metric/imperial scales
Stanley Fatmax Next Generation Tape

The next generation range of STANLEY® FATMAX® tape measures has been announced by STANLEY today, delivering more durability, reach and ergonomic enhancements than ever before.

Available in 5m, 8m and 10m lengths, with either metric or dual metric/imperial scale markings, each tape in the line-up provides incredible reach of 4.9 metres, enabling professionals to make precise and reliable measurements at a distance, even when working on their own.

Numerous improvements have been integrated into the new STANLEY FATMAX design. For exceptional convenience, accuracy and practicality, both sides of the blade have been printed with clearly-marked scales, facilitating overhead measurements or operation in awkward locations.

The robust outer casing is reinforced with an ergonomic, bi-material over-mould, ensuring excellent grip, control and comfort in use. Furthermore, thanks to STANLEY’s patented Twin-Core™ technology, the next generation tapes are extremely compact in size, which means they take up less space on a tool belt or inside a toolkit. Furthermore, the tapes feature a flatter base compared to previous models, which increases the stability of the tape when placed on a flat or smooth work surface.

A newly-designed Multi-Catch hook affords maximum contact surface and grip for greater control when measuring at a distance, while the renowned STANLEY TRUE-ZERO™ feature delivers precise inner and outer measurements, moving back and forth along the securing rivets to account for the hook thickness.

Robust and dependable, the STANLEY FATMAX tape measure series provides outstanding durability and product life. Every tool in the range has been treated with an abrasion-resistant coating throughout the length of the blade for exceptional protection against wear or damage. In addition, a BladeArmor® coating has been applied to the first 20cm of the blade, reinforcing the tape against the risk of kinks or tears at its most vulnerable point.

Particularly intuitive to operate, these premium tools incorporate a straightforward locking mechanism that engages and disengages with ease, but holds strong when locked for ultimate reliability and safety. Additional professional features include a high-strength, screw-free belt clip for maximum portability, and a lanyard tether to prevent dropping the tape measure when working at heights.

Further information about the new STANLEY FATMAX next generation tape measure range can be found here.



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