STANLEY® FATMAX® Xteme™ 5M (32mm wide) Tape Measure

STANLEY® FATMAX® Xteme™ 5M (32mm wide) Tape Measure

The STANLEY® FATMAX® Xtreme™ 5M Tape Measure, with 32mm blade width for clear and legible markings, is class II accurate, providing a reassuring +/-0,5mm error tolerance at 1m, suitable for the majority of professionals. Its abrasion resistant polyester film coated blade coating provides up to 10 times more resistance to abrasion than a standard lacquered blade, with additional BladeArmor® coating, reinforcing the first 7.5cm of the blade, the section most vulnerable to wear. The tape measure features a 32mm blade width and an impressive reach of 4.9 metres The TRU-ZERO™ hook helps to achieve precise inner and outer measurements, moving back and forth along the securing rivets. Highly polished chrome case with rubber grip to ensure slip resistant hold to withstand heavy use on the jobsite. The tape comes with a large, protruding oversized multi-catch hook, significantly larger than a conventional hook and protruding on all edges - shaped to hook onto building materials with ease above, below and to either side. The bright yellow STANLEY blade ensures enhanced visibility in most jobsite conditions.

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0-33-887 STANLEY® FATMAX® Xteme™ 5M (32mm wide) Tape Measure
0-33-897 STANLEY® FATMAX® Xtreme™ 10M (32mm wide) Tape Measure
0-33-892 STANLEY® FATMAX® Xtreme™ 8M (32mm wide) Tape Measure



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