STANLEY® Ball-Pein Graphite Hammer (12Oz/ 340G)

STANLEY® Ball-Pein Graphite Hammer (12Oz/ 340G)

  • Shock dampening core
  • Top of the hammer head is machined flat to allow it to stand upright on the shop floor or work bench
  • STANLEY® Ball-pein hammers are designed with a ball & flat end face ideal for peening, striking & shaping a metal surface
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Additional Features

  • STANLEY® Jacketed graphite core Hammers adds strength and durability in the handle, it reduces vibrations and provides the "feel of wood"
  • Slip-resistant handle for a secure grip and comfort
  • Ribbed grip ventilates hand and allows moisture to escape
  • Polished face and peen
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1-54-732 STANLEY® Ball-Pein Graphite Hammer (32Oz/900g)



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