SFM 18mm Integrated Snap Knife Slide Loc

SFM 18mm Integrated Snap Knife Slide Loc


  • The STANLEY® FATMAX® 18mm Snap-Off Knife with Slide Lock features a unique blade-snapping mechanism which allows quick, easy and safer blade snap. No need to use secondary tools to break and remove the blade - simply line-up the blade, snap it and continue cutting with a new sharp edge. Once the blade has been snapped, it’ll be retained by an integrated magnet for secure and convenient disposal
  • Unique blade snapping mechanism for quick, easy and safer blade snap with integral magnet to retain the blunt blade segment for secure disposal
  • On-board Snap Line Indicator helps to align the blade correctly to ensure clean blade snap. When the blade loses sharpness, simply line up the blade, snap it and continue with a new sharp edge
  • Improved blade depth control - with Slide Lock for quick and intuitive blade depth setting
  • Magnetic blade loading for additional safety
  • Strong and durable - the blade barrel is manufactured from hard-wearing stainless steel, delivering exceptional durability and longevity
  • Ergonomically engineered and encased with a rugged bi-material coating handle enables ultimate grip, making it ideal for repetitive cutting applications



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