STANLEY® Longnose Pliers - DYNAGRIP®

STANLEY® Longnose Pliers - DYNAGRIP®

Product Overview

Engineered for durability, performance and superior grip, the next generation STANLEY® 150mm DYNAGRIP® Longnose Pliers are ideal for reaching into tight or awkward spaces, and working with small objects or thinner gauge wires. Constructed from drop-forged steel for strength and durability, these robust pliers have been treated with a black oxide finish for help resisting corrosion and extended product life. The bi-material Three-Zone handle incorporates a guard zone for keeping your fingers from slipping forward, along with a strength zone to know where to apply force and a control zone to aid in opening the pliers, delivering control, grip and comfort in use –with minimum risk of fatigue.

Additional Features

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STHT0-74364 200 mm Cushion Grip Longnose Pliers
STHT0-74363 STANLEY® Longnose Pliers - DYNAGRIP®



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